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Garden Design, Ponds & Waterfalls

With more than 18 years experience in garden designs, Down South Landscaping are your number one choice to make your garden stand out.  Whilst we create garden designs for all types of clients, for all types of landscaping, we do have a particular expertise in native garden designs including ponds and waterfalls.

Some types of gardens we can design for you are:

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    Coastal Gardens - are often rugged and relaxed and full of hardy plants that can withstand strong winds
  • Cottage Garden - often can be informal in layout, usually containing a combination of annuals, perennials, brightly flowering shrubs and herbaceous plants. English in origin (yet waterwise through modern plant choices) cottage gardens burst with colour and fragrance
  • Native Gardens - these are made up of Australian Plants and can be designed to be waterwise and easily maintained


Waterwise Gardens - Designs and Plants

Whether you're adding a few new plants or redesigning your whole garden, incorporating a waterwise design into your garden is always a great idea.

Western Australia experiences the effects of a drying climate, so more and more West Australians are embracing fresh water thinking and switching to Waterwise plants and gardening practices. 

Waterwise plants aren't just beautiful and full of colour – they're easy to maintain too! 

Combine these principles with our Waterwise designs and plants and we will create for your a functional, attractive garden that will thrive in our conditions.

By incorporating smarter, more efficient landscape design strategies outside your home, you can help conserve natural resources and preserve existing vegetation.

A properly placed tree can shade your house in the summer, keeping it cool and therefore saving you money on air conditioning; creating a natural windbreak with hedges effectively blocks strong winter winds; natural fences increase your homes privacy and organic mulch will promote plant health.

We Aussies are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking native species to include in our garden designs. Often known for their resilience and beautiful looks, Australia’s plants can bring your native garden alive with colour, awash with lush greens or bathed in a canopy of rich foliage.



Down south landscaping follows up their design work with high quality earthworks, drainage and general landscaping. We are experienced in Design and Construction of limestone block walls, garden edging, brick paving, exposed aggregate concrete and timber decks to compliment your lawns and gardens. Combined with design and installation of irrigation and reticulation systems, we have all your landscaping needs, taken care of under one roof.


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