Irrigation & Reticulation Design, Installation & Maintenance

Down South Landscaping specialise in designing, installing and maintaining reticulation and irrigation systems across the South West. A well-designed reticulation system ensures timely water supply in the most effective and efficient manner.

reticulation design dunsborough margaret river busselton bunbury downsouth landscapingWater wastage is minimal and your garden or landscape will always look healthy and vibrant.  Not only do these systems help make a very beautiful and enviable looking lawn or garden, they save you a lot of money by cutting down on water bills, fertilisation cost and maintenance costs.

Put away the garden hose and use a professional to set up an efficient watering system.


Around 40% of household water is typically used outdoors.
There are many easy ways to reduce outdoor water use, save money, time and effort, and benefit the natural environment.

Australian Government - Australia's Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes


An Irrigation system is a very worthwhile investment as a cost-effective way to ensure landscapes are sustained and kept in peak condition.

The landscape is the first thing that potential buyers see, it can define a street and established landscapes can save the buyer time, energy and money. For these reasons, many real estate agents will claim that a beautiful landscape and an existing irrigation system can have a large impact on the selling price of homes and properties.

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