Limestone Block Exposed Aggregate Garden Walls and Paving

Limestone blocks allow you to experience a naturally hard material that resembles earthy rock by its organic tones and gradual patterning.  Add texture and beauty to your property by choosing these natural substances for your new walls or paving.

Beautiful natural stone can be used for cladding garden edging, granite blocks to decorate your pool, or boulders to use as a garden feature.


Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete:

  • exposed aggregate dunsborough busselton margaret river bunbury downsouth landscaping

     More slip resistant than brushed concrete

  • Almost unlimited color and texture options allow customizing your look

  • Low maintenance, other than sealing and occasional cleaning

  • Easier to master than other decorative techniques

  • Requires fewer additional materials or tools than other decorative techniques

  • Often less expensive than other decorative techniques

  • Resistant to heavy traffic and extreme weather

Reference: Doityourself


Down South Landscaping work with you to provide you with a personalised garden design to achieve the look that you are wanting.

We offer a full installation service including earthworks, soil and compost if required and we have a full range of machinery to complete any sized project.

Our team has over 18 years experience in the industry and have appropriate licences for all machinery.

Limestone Block Exposed Aggregate - Click on the images to enlarge


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