Ponds & Water Features

A Landscaped Garden with Ponds, Waterfalls & Water Features

Over the past 18 years, we have constructed many ponds, waterfalls and water features.  From large ponds and waterfalls constructed from many tonnes of rock, to smaller back yard and sustainable pool waterfalls and water features.

ponds water features dunsborough busselton margaret river bunbury downsouth landscapingDown South Landscaping will design and build to your requirement to compliment your pond and water feature, we will also expertly landscape the surrounding space.


Ponds and waterfalls provide amazing therapeutic benefits.


Water offers many soothing benefits.  The sound of trickling water has a remarkable effect on the human mind, it slows and eases.  The reflection adds another intriguing element to the garden, and the cooling effects on a hot summers day are unrivaled.  Whether it be a water bowl or a cascading waterfall, water has a very important place in the garden.  We try to make use of water feature elements in many gardens.

The soothing sounds of your garden waterfall will bring you back to nature. You will be able to open your window and hear the sounds of the water rushing over the rocks. It will remind you of a time from your youth whether fishing with your dad or your family trip to the beach it will lure into a relaxing state of mind for your whole day.

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to consider adding a pond and water feature to your garden. Not only do the sights and sounds of a flowing waterfall, trickling stream or bubbly fountain create an overall relaxing and peaceful feeling, they enhance any outdoor living experience.

Down South Landscaping aim to create a tranquil garden design suited to your needs and desires, also complimenting the architecture of the property and extend the living area outside.

By using soft organic lines where possible and careful placement of materials the garden can be transformed from a dull, harsh, geometric shape to a soft, flowing space. Careful placement of plants to harmonise with an organic design creates a relaxing space. 


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